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Kungfu Dough - my graphic novel project

Kungfu Dough is my latest graphic novel project. Published as a collective of 6 other comic books under COSH Studios. Book Title: Kungfu Dough Publisher: COSH Studios Pages: 64 PP (Paperback) Price: SGD $14.90 Available: Books Kinokuniya, Popular and Books Actually Synopsis : Yan is a baker by day and a secret kungfu (gongfu) fighter by night. All she wants is to help her family's baking business survive the ailing economy and the threats of gang wars. The story is set in post-war Singapore in the mid 60s before independence. Her encounter with an intrepid journalist might unmask her identity and secret. Cover Design Process : The image shows the final stages of the cover design process. The final layout is show in the roughs below, all penciled in the computer. It was then brought into Clipstudio Paint Ex to be inked and coloured. There were several coloured versions. For the final design, the bg colour was changed to a deeper red and a raging yellow flame added be

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