Steps to Painting my Line Art


Paul suggested to go Malay Village @ Geylang Serai for an ad-hoc sketchwalk and plein air. I was late but managed to meet up with the gang, who were already deep in focus sketching the Malay Village Museum building shown below. I finished the line art in about 15-20mins before Paul called to gather for a show & tell. I did the line drawing of the building in 2 separate pieces of paper. For the sake of painting it, I cut the excess off the second continuation piece. Here are the steps I took to paint the drawing back in the comfort of my work studio.
The line art did on location Blocking in the sky with Cerulean Blue Blocking in the foliage with Yellow Green and Sap Green
Filling in the shadows Working on the foreground shadows Defining the details with darker tones

The finished painting below.
Malay Village Geylang Serai-sm

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